Structure 1 
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                                        This name is derived from the Latin words "pyramis"
                                        (meaning "pyramid"), "archaeo" (meaning "ancient"),
                                        and "structura" (meaning "structure"). The suffix "-idae"
                                        is commonly used in scientific names to denote a family.
                                        The structures Its unique shape could help regulate temperature
                                        and humidity, while its large surface area could provide space
                                        for solar panels and other energy-efficient technologies. 
                                        Pyramids are a symbol of ancient Egyptian culture and have
                                        long been associated with concepts such as power, wisdom,
                                        and immortality. In contemporary culture, the pyramid has
                                        become a symbol of progress, innovation, and achievement.
                                        A pyramid-like structure built today could therefore serve as
                                        a powerful cultural symbol, representing the spirit of exploration
                                        and the drive to create a better future.

                  Structure 2
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                                                           The term "Nova"implies a sense of newness or innovation,
                                                           fitting for a structure that represents progress and advancement
                                                           in the region. Moreover in Islamic architecture, domes are often
                                                           seen as a symbol of the universe and the sky. The shape of the dome                                                                                            represents the heavens, while the building beneath it represents the
                                                           earth. This symbolism is meant to evoke a sense of spiritual awe and
                                                           wonder. Additionally dome-shaped structures have been used in
                                                           Middle Eastern architecture for centuries, dating back to ancient times.
                                                           Mosques are often designed to reflect the cultural heritage of the region,
                                                           and the use of a dome-shaped roof is a way to pay homage to this tradition.

              Structure 3
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                                              This name is a combination of Latin words "fortalibus"
                                               (meaning "fortress" or "stronghold") and "orientis" (meaning "of the East").
                                               The name implies that the fortress is a strong and fortified structure located
                                               in the eastern region. The Middle East has a rich cultural and architectural
                                               heritage that spans thousands of years. A fort-like structure could be
                                               designed to pay homage to this heritage, drawing inspiration from
                                               traditional Middle Eastern fortresses and citadels while incorporating
                                               modern materials and technologies.